The movie about The 100-Year-Old Man a worldwide blockbuster

The movie adaptation of The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared premiered in Swedish cinemas in December 2013 and has been a
huge international success, screened in more than 40 countries. It’s grossed more than 50 million US dollars worldwide, making it the highest grossing Swedish film of all time. The movie is directed by Felix Herngren at FLX and was nominated for Best Makeup & Hair at the Academy Awards (Oscars).

FLX is currently producing the sequel, The 100-Year Old Man 2. Read more at

in the works: The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden

The movie adaptation of Jonas Jonasson’s second novel The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden is now in the works, developed by the Hollywood-based Icelandic producer Joni Sighvatsson. Because the main character is South African, a large part of the film will be in English, with the locations including South Africa and Sweden.
Sighvatsson was an executive producer of the film version of The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared, and his film production company Palomar Pictures has already partnered with Telemunchen on The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden. Telemunchen was also the German partner in the film adaptation of Jonas Jonasson’s first book. Read more at

hitman anders on the screen

The film and TV rights of Hitman Anders and The Meaning of It All  have been optioned by FLX, and the production is now in the works.